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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 6, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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only at safeway. ingredients for life. good thursday morning to you, thank you for joining us at 11:00 a.m. right now a weather advisory to tell you about. we're in a reprieve right now. this is where the clouds right there are starting to clear a little bit. we have team coverage on the rain for you. bob redell keeping an eye on the slippery roads, but right now let's go to anthony with the weather. yeah, this system was really strong and we have another system down the pipe that is expected to move through this weekend and that system will be stronger than what we saw this
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morning. the rain totals so impressive. really, mill valley 1.18. and daly city over an inch. and santa rosa right under an inch. a lot of these cities north ward, and that's where most of the rain fell. santa clara, more than three quarters of an inch, napa right at three quarters, and san francisco airport at three quarters of an inch. showers pushed to the south and the east. lingering showers toward tri-valley. heavy stuff really pounding fresno right now. and this first batch of rain, as i mentioned, is an appetizer of what's to come. the rain stays with us friday, saturday, and sunday and we're talking potentially five to seven inches of rain before it's all said and done.
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great news, but we don't really need all of this rain so quickly. so we'll talk more about the flash flooding important in this show. >> i'm happy to talk about rain. thanks so much. as you might expect the roads were quite a mess this morning. bob redell joining us live now on the road. there was quite a few accidents out there. >> there were, and some flooding, good morning to you, peggy. we certainly have a break right now on southbound highway 87 as we head into downtown san jose. the roads are still a little wet, nowhere near as bad as it was this morning when the rain dumps during the morning commute. the asphalt was slick, the visibility poor. this was the scene in san pablo in eastbound 80 where a big rig toeing two trailers broke through the center 2005, collided with two other vehicles, remarkably only one
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person hurt with minor injuries. across the bay, a colo accident involving a drive that lost control of his porsche. the driver is okay. they believe the accidents were weather related. a reminder to all of us to be careful when it rains. >> you have a reduce your speed first. second of all, allow extra time to get where you need to go, and leave yourself an additional safe cushion between you and the car in front of you. >> as i e losed to earlier, begy, we saw lots of pockets of flooding earlier today. it was so bad that the chp shut down the bird avenue offramp for awhile until they were able to clear the drain. when we're coming off of these dry spells and we get the first
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big rain, the ten ten si that the drains are backed up and you can see that as an initial part of the rainy season, if we want to call it that. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell nbc bay area news. >> thank you, bob. our coverage of the wet weather continues on the air and online. check out our website, a worker was hurt at an accident at the transbay construction project. christie smith is live in san francisco with more on that. >> good morning, peggy. i can tell you the site where the workers are at is busy this morning. details still coming in, but we're hearing that one of them fell from a crane and landed about 15 feet down. it happened where we are on the 500 block of howard at first. what caused the fall was
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somewhat unclear, but there was reports that he was hit by something. again it's still coming this it. but firefighters are telling us when they got here and this man was here he was alert and conscious. i got off the phone with a spokesperson for the transit center project, and he says what was going on here was the excavation of the project. they're sorry to report it happened but it looked like there was a malfunction of the crane. a heading fall dislodged this morning. but they're saying there is a safety standdown going on which means they will stop all aspects ofwork involving a crane while the investigation goes on and osha is investigating as well. all right, christie smith, thank you. now to the winter olympics in sochi. taking a look right now at the
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caucusas mountains. this year there will be a new event, the snowboard free style. janelle wang is in olympic park right now with a preview of what to expect. >> it makes it's olympic debut today, and as we have been talking about, shawn white dropped out yesterday, but he was not the front runner anyway. other california athletes are the favorites to win. slopestyle has been popular, a popular extreme sport in the x games for a decade now. it features rails and jumps that the riders perform tricks on. the course has proved to be challenging. some athletes are expected to dominate the sport in competition. they include ryan stassel. on the women's side we have
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jamie anderson, she a seven time gold medalist, and carly shore. >> it is a good time for snowboards. more controversy for white. a couple rival snowboarders tweeted harsh things to him. one said he is scared, and another said it's easy to find excuses to pull out of a contest when you think you can't win. he is still tweeting in the happenpipe snowboard and he is going for his third straight gold medal. >> janelle, thank you. also under way is team figure casi skating. the olympic committee decided to
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add another event. we begin tonight with the men's short and pairs programs. skating for team usa will be two time u.s. champions that rain out of rhode island. looks at the men's short here. all eyes on jeremy abbot. it's exciting to have a whole new aspect to this. and i'm excited today be part of team usa. not just team usa, it's like i am part of team usa. right now ten countries have the right to compete in this event based on how they finished in the world events last year. they include the u.s., canada, russia, japan, and great britain. we'll be showing today's major events in prime tonight tonight. it all started at 8:00. we'll begin with the figure skating including the team events, the mens short, and the
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pairs short program. after, we'll have mens and women's slopestyle snowboards, after that the moguls competition for women's freestyle skiing. after four months and 40,000 miles, the flame is in sochi, and tomorrow night it will be used to light the culdron. it has had the longest journey ever for a flame. 14,000 torch bearers took part in that relay. it has been to the international space station and the world's deepest lake. and precious medals have been delivered, gold, silver, and bronze. all 1200 of them were made by a
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jewelry company in moscow. the value is about $600. if was was pure gold, it would be about $21,000. a new warning for airlines heading into russia. terrorists might be trying to smuggle explosives in all things, including a tube of toothpaste. they're being warned now to check toothpaste and cosmetic cases. i think it's ridiculous, really. i think maybe it is a bit over the top. >> we should note that the
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homeland security says that a majority of direct flights to russia will arrive in europe or other asian countries. our coverage from sochi will continue all day long. get updates right to your inbox by signing up for our olympic newsletter. that is there is a new way to support our bay area olympians. tomorrow you can buy these little face fans here to support american cancer society's courageous kids day. they will be available tomorrow night at sharks ice in san jose. the end of an era tonight. what is planned for jay leno's final show. we'll tell you about that. and a bay area high school gets a new mascot.
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person responsible for the stabbing death of a man in downtown san jose. officers found a man with at least one stab wound on south market street. he was taken to the hospital where he died a short time later. his name will not be released until the coroner notifies his family. this is the city's fifth homicide this year. an 18 member traffic force will meet today to talk about new policies designed to prevent hate crimes. it was created after four students were accused of a hate crime. at one point they allegedly put a bike lock around his neck. staff acted quickly when they learned of the allegations. after seven decades, the vallejo high school now has a new mascot, the red hawks.
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they were the apaches, but it was deemed offensive by some. they voted unanimously to change the name. an exclusive investigator report, an investigation of animals being left out in extreme hit and shipped to the wrong country. two former handlers that worked in cargo were spoken to. theymented their identities protected. they said they worked in this holding facility to make sure the animals were locked up and cleaned up as they travelled in cargo. they say they witnessed animal cruelty. >> the condition in the crates were horrible. >> the dog was supposed to go to florida and it went to hong kong. tonight you will hear from
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the federal agency that regulates pet travel in the u.s. see the full report tonight at 11:00. hundreds and thousands of people are without pouwer. nbc's chris is in upper dublin, pennsylvania for how people are coping with the freezing temperatures and no power. >> people are doing whatever it takes to stay warm. >> keeping it hot. it gives off some heat, it's nice and warm. >> they're using a neighbor's generator to keep their fridge on and cell phones charged. candles and a stove is all he has for warmth. >> we were expecting some ice, but not to the extent of knocking trees down. >> they have cut red tape to get help for the affected areas.
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wednesday's storm caused havoc thousands mass transit into chaos and making driving treacherous. the relentless winter is caused $57 million on snow removal so far. people spin their wheels trying to cope with mother nature's recent blow, they worry about trying to keep people safe in the snow. >> we worry about people using grills, or turning on cars running for warmth. we're worried about carbon monoxide. they say things will get better but it will take time. other parts of the country, including the deep south, are waiting for this next blast. >> 500 power crews have converged on the philadelphia area to help restore power.
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1,000 more are said to be on the way. most power will be restored by friday night, but certainly not all. temperatures here are not expected to get above freezing today. that's the story in upper dublin. nbc news. clearly we're lucking out this winter as we check in with anthony slaughter. the folks out there with freezing temperatures and no heat, that is brutal. >> yeah, we'll show you what we're looking at, the radar shows that we're basically looking at showers. we're having a microphone problem, so i'm going to move closer to peggy. we'll check back in with anthony. looking like a little trouble there in the weather department, we'll be back in a minute. still to come, jay leno's last night. what he is planning for that big final sendoff.
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. all right, 11:21. let's talk about the weather and we had some showers that moved through earlier this morning. very heavy rain pushed through and now you'll notice a lot of the rain pushed toward central california. here is what we're waiting on, the section storm system along that pineapple express. it has kicked in and you see this is an impressive storm system. and with that, it will have a lot of convection. we're talking about potential for weekend rain and for some thunderstorms and potential of flooding, especially in the north bay. let's talk about what we're looking at right now. every single micro climate, clouds and fog. in the south bay there is
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sunshine trying to peek through. temperatures again very chilly. only in the 50s for daytime highs, jackets are a good idea across the board. here is what we're looking at as we head through the morning hours. dry, showers expect to come back in here as we go through the evening hours tonight. it will be hit and miss. mostly in the north bay for tomorrow shows will remain. we'll get a little activity in the east bay and the south bay, but through the weekend, this area of shower activity, notice how it continues to rain all day friday, and on saturday it looks like it will continue to rain all day across the bay area for every single micro climate region. the potential for flash flooding exists, mudslides, downed trees, and power outages. notice these rainfall amounts as what we're looking at for this
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weekend. we could add another one to two inches across the east bay, the peninsula, and san francisco. santa rosa expecting close to four inches of rain. and look at this, if we drag it up, seven inches of rain. this is really going to be a rainmaker that we've been waiting on. unfortunately all of the rain at one time will lead to flash flooding. we will get you through it each and every way. >> subway in the process of removing a chemical from it's bred to improve it's recipes. it comes after a food blogger launched a petition asking if the food chain would remove the chemical. it's used mainly as a blowing agent for plastic companies. it is found in yoga mats and
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shoes. it's use in foods was bans in europe, the united kingdom, but not here in the united states. tonight, jay leno takes his curtain call as the man behind the desk. his final show will air tonight, and then jimmy fallon will take over and the show will move back to new york city. leno has been the host for 22 years. in 2009, he had a big finale show before giving the show over to conan o'brien. he will welcome back billie crystal and macgarregarth brook. i'm on the road a lot. i really like being a stand up comedian, it will be fun to go
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back and do that more. >> jimmy fallon will take over on february 17th with u 2 and will smith as his first guests. >
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